WhatWP hits 100 WordPress Related Bookmarks!

At various points I did ask myself would WhatWP.com take off? I mean there are so many ways to bookmark WordPress related blog posts.

In truth I thought I’d have to fluff up WhatWP and fill it full of various links that I’ve submitted to make it look more popular than it is.

Thankfully I haven’t had to do that, thanks to users of WhatWP, the site now has over 100 bookmarks from some top draw WordPress related websites and shows no signs of abating!

So without further ado, I’d like to thank the following users for taking the time to submit content and of course vote on other articles submitted to the site.

Massive thanks for submitting go to:

Peter Nilsson of WPNewsify view Peter’s profile here

Joe Howard of WP Buffs view Joe’s profile here

Rich Tabor of Themebeans view Rich’s profile here

Brian Jackson of Kinsta view Brian’s profile here

Jaka Smid of ProteusThemes view Jaka’s profile here

Bijay Gupta of WPVilla view Bijay’s profile here

Marko Prelec of ProteusThemes view Marko’s profile here

Domantas Gudeliauskas of Hostinger view Domantas profile here

Madalin Tudose of Delicious Themes view Madalin’s profile here

Oli Dale of AlienWP / Themefurnace view Oli’s profile here

Ana Segota of Anariel Design view Ana’s profile here

Primoz Cigler of Proteus Themes view Primoz’s profile here

Baldwin Jackson of Cloudways view Baldwin’s profile here

Thank you!

Massive thanks to the above and more who have frequented WhatWP and help it grow! Currently we have 32 users active on the site voting and submitting content to the website and all I can say is thank you so much to all!!

If you run a WordPress blog and what to get your content up on WhatWP why not sign up and submit your best articles? Or perhaps you’ve seen a killer tutorial and what to share it, again sign up and submit it today!

Sign up to WhatWP here! Look forward to seeing you around!

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